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1.Diagnostic functions

The formulation of objective diagnosis for the purpose of treatment is one of the important aspects of services provided to psychiatric patients. At BMHC, this task is generally done by the consultants during intake session, there are times when members of the mental health team also share their views on the patient’s problems and assist in the formulation of diagnosis. These discussions take place during daily rounds. As a member of mental health team s/he also involved in assisting the mental health team in diagnostic functions.

2. Functions related to treatment

Individualized work with patients

Social Workers involved with cases which required psychosocial interventions at various levels. There are different techniques for managing patient’s psychosocial issues. Most commonly used techniques were psycho education, supportive therapy, CBT, behavior therapy, social skills training (SST), counseling etc.

Work with families

It was done to assist the patients in their adjustment and ultimate integration in society. Awareness meetings were also held regularly to alleviate myths surrounding mental illness, medical management and stigma reduction.

Follow up functions

It was done by interviewing the patients and their families to assess the progress made by the patients after being discharged.

Group work

Skills training groups were held for patients with social deficits on requirement. During the training session students who come for psychiatry posting were also allowed to organize the group activities under the staff supervision.