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The Bethsada Mental Health Care Centre is located at Vengola village,3 kilometers away from the city, Perumbavoor,  in the district  Ernakulam, in a calm and serene environment.

In this era of rising mental health problems, it provides both outpatient and inpatient services for a wide range of psychiatric illness ranging from mild mental derangement to severe debilitating chronic psychiatric illnesses like schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder. It also provides de-addiction treatment for alcohol and other drug abuses.

The hospital has established itself as an important treatment facility for mental disorders, catering to the needs of people in and around the state of Kerala. The unique feature of this 100 bedded hospital is that it admits patients in a totally secure environment, with individual attention and nursing care bestowed to them. A team of committed, well-trained, and alert nursing staff, along with a multidisciplinary professional team which comprises of Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatric Social Workers and Psychiatric Nursing staff are designated for the care and management of the patients. The entire hospital staff makes sincere efforts to see that the patients are provided with homely, cozy atmosphere at all times.

The hospital provides basic medical services within the campus. The 24 hour security provided by the hospital offers total protection from events of absconding by patients and similar incidents. There is a well-maintained canteen service which serves food and refreshments to the patients.

Above all, our hospital is blessed with a beautiful chapel for prayer, worship and adoration. Holy masses are held here on all Sundays and special days. For we believe “For neither herb nor poultice cured them but it was your word O Lord that healed people. For you have the power over life and death”.

All hope may be lost when you find out that your dear one has a problem of an emotional/ psychiatric nature. But hope is here at Bethsada Hospital where we have treatment options for you.